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Ezmore's Crystals is a micro RPG game of wizards and knights set in a building block world. Something is amiss in the world of Lagosland, building blocks are disappearing. Either playing as a wizard or knight or something in-between, you must find the root of this evil and conquer it to save the many inhabitants of Lagosland. Explore the hidden areas around the village of Studsville and discover dangers and riches alike.

Ezmore's Crystals is a game created by Mike Schoenhals as part of a 3 year journey through the many fantastic courses taught by the GameDev team. Many of the characters, storylines and areas found in the game were contributions from Mike's students and MediaFineArts camps participants.

Top Players

1. Elias Matson

2. Elijah Phillips-Watts

3. Amanda Blake

4. Hailey Schoenhals

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