Ezmore's Crystals Official Release!

Ezmore's Crystals is now ready for release! The micro-RPG features a full immersive story, simple combat system, character personalization in classic RPG style. The game runs on PC and Apple systems. You can expect it to be released January 20, 2021. The game will be hosted on first and then eventually migrate the game to Steam.

Win Prizes!

To celebrate the release, we are launching Ezmore's Crystals with a promotional contest. Win Prizes by completing the game before others do! This contest is open to previous MediaFineArts Camps Participants Only. Contest Rules apply.

Ezmore's Crystals Modeling Camp

Learn the basics of 3D modeling using Blender in our Spring Break modeling camp. See our site at MediaFineArts!

Ezmore's Crystals Expansion

We plan to release an expansion for the game summer 2021. The focus of the expansion will be on creating a northern area for exploration as well as an archer type character similar to Katniss from Hunger Games. Players will be able to excel at ranged combat using a bow or crossbow.

Elias Matson wins on Knight Setting!

Elias Matson has defeated the Overlord on Knight setting. According to Elias: "The hardest thing was probably the Spider King because there are so many of his spider/minions/wraths so you have to get him along then he is easy." It took Elias about 4 hours to complete the game. He has yet to win on Lord setting.