The Story

The Beginning
Game Story

Ezmore's Crystals is a micro RPG game of wizards and knights set in a building block world. Something is amiss in the world of Lagosland, building blocks are disappearing. Either playing as a wizard or knight or something in-between, you must find the root of this evil and conquer it to save the many inhabitants of Lagosland. Explore the hidden areas around the village of Studsville and discover dangers and riches alike.

Similar to most other RPG games, you have several ways to improve your character. This is done primarily by collecting better equipment and gaining experience. Rare artifacts have great impact on your character's ability to overcome enemies and the many other obstacles found in Lagosland. The higher your character level, the more abilities you will unlock! 

Beware, an invading horde, known as the Clan of the Hand, sweeps across Lagosland. Defeat the minions and root out the leaders of the Clan and stop the invasion before it's too late! As you adventure, you will unlock tombs, dungeons and castles to explore. As your character grows, you will unlock the ability to make cosmetic personalizations adding a fun element to the gameplay.

Who Created It?

Developer's Story

Ezmore's Crystals was developed by Mike Schoenhals as part of a journey to learn game design. Through the many wonderful courses taught by the GameDev team, Ezmore's Crystals continued to expand and evolve to become what it is today. A HUGE thank you to the GameDev instructors and mentors!

Much of the content in the game came from the imaginations of MediaFineArts camps members and Mike'
s media students. Camp participants created drawings of the medieval characters who now populated the game. Mike's media students took those drawings and created the 3D characters suitable for the gameplay. Much of the layout and content, including voice overs, came from the many enthusiastic camp participants. Thank you camp members and media students.